Daytona Beach

Welcome to the unparalleled allure of Daytona Beach, renowned as the ultimate haven for car enthusiasts with a passion for speed. Faustina Trump Real Estate proudly presents this vibrant locale, drawing millions of visitors annually who seek the thrills of its local attractions, entertainment, and annual events.

At the heart of Daytona Beach lies the iconic Daytona International Speedway, a legendary venue hosting NASCAR and the prestigious Daytona 500. Bike Week, another highlight, captivates enthusiasts with its thrilling events.

Beyond these renowned events, Daytona offers a perpetual buzz of activity. The beach itself stands as the most famous in the world, gaining prominence since 1903 when the inaugural race week, featuring the Vanderbilt Cup, established it as a hub of excitement and entertainment. This legacy persists, attracting crowds seeking an energetic blend of downtown ambiance, beachside dining, shopping, and a plethora of entertainment options. Experience the perpetual pulse of excitement in Daytona Beach!

Daytona Beach Market Statistics

  • 5.89,5.94,5.84,6.39,6.78,6.68,6.57,7.13,7.43,7.4,7.8,8.41

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Daytona Beach Market Prices

  • 462073.50,465627.89,471308.52,441375.52,437965.06,438629.52,436503.63,427748.17,427847.74,430393.58,428971.00,423693.78
  • 360966.83,386385.90,326997.15,320976.01,352092.23,345627.55,339469.40,369083.74,351709.84,370635.51,366294.03,362268.26
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  • 331395.00,304990.00,299900.00,280000.00,300000.00,289900.00,315000.00,327450.00,316000.00,300000.00,324900.00,318950.00

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