Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is known as the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts with a longing for speed.  Millions of people travel to Daytona Beach every year for this hot spots local attractions, entertainment, and annual events. The Daytona Beach International Speedway home to NASCAR and Daytona 500 along with Bike Week are among the most popular.

However, there is always something to do in Daytona. The beach is known as the most famous beach in the world, ever since 1903 when a popular event was established and held on Daytona Beach, known as race week and bringing light to the Vanderbilt Cup. From this point forward it has been a place crowds flock to for excitement and entertainment. Enjoy an upbeat downtown atmosphere along side the beach with dining, shopping, and plenty of entertainment.

Daytona Beach Market Statistics

  • 3.14,3.26,3.51,3.88,4.34,4.34,4.67,5.43,5.49,5.62,5.64,5.45

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Daytona Beach Market Prices

  • 494426.82,485995.26,470480.87,469810.22,463665.14,463048.12,457939.92,450449.17,463609.44,465986.65,472821.13,483492.04
  • 286062.25,307497.75,341287.40,330800.67,345873.71,353410.79,330089.64,351385.15,374302.25,367459.34,394590.36,339876.86
  • 327000.00,315500.00,305000.00,304495.00,309900.00,317900.00,320945.00,320995.00,330000.00,349000.00,350000.00,350000.00
  • 249450.00,255000.00,260000.00,254900.00,280000.00,299950.00,307990.00,312990.00,299950.00,339495.00,319990.00,320945.00

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