Daytona Beach Shores

Discover the enchanting allure of Daytona Beach Shores, an exquisite destination beckoning to car enthusiasts with a penchant for speed. Proudly presented by Faustina Trump Real Estate, this coastal gem captivates visitors with its local attractions, entertainment, and annual events.

Yet, the appeal of Daytona Beach Shores extends far beyond these renowned events. The beach itself, recognized as one of the world’s finest since the early 1900s, continues to be a magnet for excitement and entertainment. Embrace the lively atmosphere of the downtown area adjacent to the beach, offering an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Daytona Beach Shores invites you to bask in the perpetual vibrancy of a coastal paradise.

Daytona Beach Shores Market Statistics

  • 6.53,7.86,8.08,8,8.44,8.37,8.48,8.47,8.48,9.37,10.3,10.42

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Daytona Beach Shores Market Prices

  • 463188.41,469563.93,444770.66,442266.12,445041.27,433312.25,444631.73,451596.87,466708.94,469254.28,455731.98,459638.37
  • 537920.57,438916.74,391008.16,439574.11,457653.51,445599.94,543785.96,473836.93,507454.62,447690.48,497108.82,462717.57
  • 425000.00,424750.00,380000.00,397500.00,415000.00,402250.00,392500.00,399000.00,412500.00,399900.00,380000.00,399900.00
  • 500000.00,373999.50,359000.00,429900.00,419900.00,399949.50,469000.00,462499.50,450000.00,379900.00,439900.00,445000.00

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